Antje Klötzer-Assion

Antje Klötzer-Assion


Legal practitioner Antje Klötzer-Assion – born 1973 in Saxony – began training for a career as a graduate tax inspector in 1992 at the German Federal Revenue Administration. In addition to her work as an investigating officer in the Customs Investigation Service from 1995 to 2001, she studied law at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. In 2004, she passed the second state examination.

Antje Klötzer-Assion has been working at LIVONIUS Rechtsanwälte in Frankfurt am Main, since 2004, having become a partner on 01.01.2013.

Main practice areas

The range of Antje Klötzer-Assion’s activities generally includes dealing with corruption, fraud and embezzlement offences, environmental and capital market criminal law and issues in the field of labour criminal law (failure to provide minimum working conditions, withholding social security contributions in accordance with Section 266a of the German Penal Code etc.). Based upon her experience as an investigating officer in the Customs Investigation Service, she also has the requisite expertise in tax and customs tariff law as well as in the field of international commercial criminal law.

In addition to defending and counselling individuals, she also supports companies in the implementation of compliance policies and within the scope of employee training.

Antje Klötzer-Assion is a member of the German Bar Association (DAV), the European Forum for Foreign Trade, Customs and Excise (Europäisches Forum für Außenwirtschaft, Verbrauchsteuern und Zoll e.V. - EFA) and the Economic Criminal Business Law Association (Wirtschaftsstrafrechtliche Vereinigung e.V. – WisteV) where she also sits on the working group Compliance, Fraud, Investigation.

Furthermore, Antje Klötzer-Assion is permanent staff of the online journal of WisteV WiJ ( The journal is dedicated to interdisciplinary discussions regarding commercial criminal law (white collar crime).